Hey there!

Thanks for digging in a little deeper to get to know me, and I hope that I’m given the opportunity to get to know you as well!

Fearlessly Authentic is term that many have used to describe “the way I roll!”  That essentially translates into a very real relationship with my clients and vendors alike. I am a wedding planner that will have open dialogue about your budget, design ideas, and always give you my honest opinion (when you ask for my opinion).  I love collaborating with you, when it comes to designing weddings, and have the resources to bring YOUR vision to life!  Together, we can create a unique experience that will make your guests say, “That was the most AMAZING wedding we have ever been to!”

I feel that wedding planning is a “calling” in my life.  Every job and life experience has led me to this. Most the employment that I’ve had since the age of 15 was in the hospitality industry. I spent almost 10 years in Scottsdale, AZ, working in sales and marketing for a resort. I was the Director of Events at Persimmon Country Club for a few years and most recently, served as Event Manager for Jake’s Catering at The Sentinel in downtown Portland, Oregon.  My knowledge of catering and design serves my clients well, as I guide them with experience from handling and seeing MANY events through the years.  I have built strong relationships with incredible vendors during my venue years and have gained their respect and trust…not to mention some discounts that I pass onto my clients!  I am a one woman show so every call, email, and meeting will be with me, the owner of the business. I am with you the entire wedding day (usually 14 hours) and that is NOT the norm in wedding planner packaging. The only other time you will see my other team members is on your wedding day, when I bring in “rock star” assistants to team up with me to ensure perfection.

julie and jade having a drink

Let’s get personal… because why not?

I am “all about” transparency and I’m not shy to tell you that my “happily ever after” had a bit of a false start” I eloped “back in the day” and it didn’t work out.  However, I am crazy in love with my 2nd husband…and, yes, a newlywed myself!  I truly can say, “I’ve walked a mile in your bridal shoes…recently!”  My daughter, Jade goes to college in Bozeman, MT and she’s the light of my life!  I have a unique position, as I can completely relate to my young brides, but speak the language of the parents and understand their perspective too!  My husband and I own 2 dogs and admittedly are “dog freaks!”  I love my crossfit gym and the incredible community that comes with it.  I love God and see HIS clear calling on my life and my business, and I love micro-brew beer (do those two things go together?)  I use the term “Divine Design” a lot and believe that “it” all has a way of working out.  I was very intentional by naming my business, Gratitude Event Planning & Design.  Approximately 4 years ago, I had a paradigm shift, and it’s been life-changing.  No matter what comes my way, I honestly choose to FIND what I’m grateful for within it.  There is ALWAYS a silver lining to every situation.  Therefore, you can count on my experience to be trusted, but more importantly…I’m doing business with a grateful heart!


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