Feeling the Love

My husband and I both agree that hiring Julie was the single best decision we made in our wedding planning process. Julie is a true professional in every sense of the word. In the midst of the planning process, we found ourselves obsessing over minor details and lost in the multitude of decisions. Every time we spoke to Julie or emailed back and forth we were put at ease. She is positive, well connected with vendors in Portland, and has classy taste when it comes to the details and decor of the wedding. Multiple people commented that we seemed calm on our wedding day and it’s a testament to the schedule and structure that Julie helped create for our weekend. We were actually able to enjoy all of the steps because we knew where we were supposed to be and exactly what we were supposed to be doing. We will always remember the tremendous impact Julie had in our lives and highly recommend her to any couple wanting the best of the best in service and execution.

Mr. & Mrs. G

Julie goes above and beyond for her clients. From the moment I met her, she was warm, kind, and accommodating. She connected me with trusted vendors, who offered me competitive prices because of their connection with Julie. On my wedding day, I was totally relaxed because I knew that Julie had everything covered. From setting up the reception site, to helping with pictures, to decorating the church…Julie is there for it all and ensured that everything was set up just the way I wanted it. What’s even better is that my family had to do NOTHING on the wedding day except have fun and be present with my husband and I, Julie and her team cleaned up the entire reception and I came to her a house a few days after to get everything (including washing 200+ plate chargers with HER help!!). Julie is absolutely amazing and you won’t be disappointed with her as your wedding planner!

Mrs. M

My daughter was married at the end of January 2018 at the Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland. When we first booked the wedding, Julie Weiss was the hotel’s event coordinator. We were very pleased with the offer she was able to put together for us and felt that she would be helpful coordinating my daughter and her fiance’s special day.
Shortly after we booked everything Julie told my daughter that she is leaving the Sentinel to start her own event planning/wedding coordinator business. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were! My daughter was looking to hire a wedding coordinator for the day of her wedding and now she had Julie who not only knew the hotel and all the details of having a wedding there, she also knew most of the other vendors we were using because they had worked with her numerous times. Throughout the months leading up to the wedding day, Julie was always available to answer my daughter’s questions, come up with useful suggestions and helped to alleviate any stress. On the day of the wedding, Julie took care of everything! She met us at the bridal suite at 9:00 am and began helping. Julie arranged lunch for the bridal party, organize the makeup and hair vendors, set up toiletries in the women’s guest bathroom, successfully coordinated the rehearsal and the wedding procession, organized the three reception rooms and all of the vendors. Then Julie did even more. During the reception, she gathered all of the bridal party items that were left in the two suites and placed them neatly on a cart and had the cart available for us after the wedding. Finally, Julie gathered up all of the centerpieces, dish chargers and many other items and the next day took everything to my daughter and her husband’s home. She took care of all of this so my husband and I didn’t have to be bothered with it.

Julie’s care to detail, knowledge of her profession and going above and beyond what was expected was one of the reasons our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding was so beautiful, enjoyed by all of the guests and filled with many happy memories.
If you’re looking for the perfect wedding/event planner you need to look no more. Hire Julie Weiss at Gratitude Event Planning and she not only will happily help with all your needs but will go beyond what is expected.

Mrs. S

If you need help planning your next special event call my girl Julie! Julie was the angel who answered the phone as I was frantically calling around a week before my wedding looking for a new venue. She was my event coordinator at the Sentinel Hotel where we got married and now she is going out on her own. This woman busts her booty because she genuinely CARES about others. When she sat down with Sean and I she truly heard us, but also thought of things we didn’t, making the planning so easy. On our wedding day while she was still technically on vacation she showed up and made sure everything was perfect. She truly went above and beyond. I would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you, thank you Julie!

Mrs. T

What is there to say about Julie, other than she’s the BEST?! I’ve been working with Julie on and off for a year – we checked out a venue with her one year ago and her exceptional customer service and beautiful taste in venues always stuck out in my mind. So, of course we went back to her! The wedding process (which I honestly thought was going to be an insane nightmare) has turned out to be a breeze and extremely fun! We haven’t been the easiest customers either, we’ve thrown a few curveballs into the wedding process and she’s handled it like a complete professional. Julie is organized, insightful and has tons of ideas and connections that I never would have come up with on my own. We had a budget that was flexible, but needed to be tight in certain areas. I tell you what, Julie worked her butt off to save us money in areas that were so creative! Hiring her not only saved us time, but ultimately saved us money – with her connections and discounts, she’s worth EVERY penny. Julie is second to none, and I’ve come to think of her like a second mother – her cheerful spirit, loving heart and great sense of humor has truly taken the stress out of wedding planning, I couldn’t recommend her more for couples who are looking for guidance in the wedding planning process.

Mrs. C

I was fortunate to find Julie during my venue hunt and have relied on her expertise, honesty, encouragement and joyfulness ever since.  She has been there for me every step of the way and fills me with so much confidence, there is no room left for worry.  Her skill and love for what she does, was invaluable to me & my husband throughout the planning process and also on our wedding day! We are thankful to her and ALL she brought to us making our day perfect!

Mrs. M

When I started out on one of the greatest journeys to find the perfect place for my only Daughters’ wedding I knew everything had to be very special. It was to be one of the most important days of our family’s life. It is in fact, very overwhelming ) And then, in walked Julie. In my opinion, she is a mother , but also the brides best friend! She was so confident about everything. Always with a smile and an answer to every question. After our first meeting I knew we did not have to look further. She is a very capable wedding planner that gently guides you through that journey. I will always be very grateful to her for all her work, for she helped my daughter achieve her dream wedding.

Lorna (Mother of the Bride)

It is with great pleasure that I write a rousing recommendation for Julie Weiss and her planning abilities. My son was married this year and used Julie’s services.  He and my future daughter in law lived out of state, compounding what can easily become a stressful event.  Without question, having Julie coordinate the chosen vendors, help with the timing/event flow, certainly allowed us all to enjoy our day.  We could all be fully present for this memorable time.  Julie communicated with us all in a clear and concise way the to-do lists & when to be where. Along with this, she had some great ideas for adding some wonderful personal touches, really elevating the whole event. Julie is calm and reassuring with a wonderful spirit.  She can be directive when the situation calls for it, keeping the vendors on task. She is creative with a great sense of style and vision. Having her at our event was an asset in every way.  Julie took the worry off my shoulders, knowing full well all was under control.  We will always remember their wedding day with such love and smiles.  Such a gift.

Ruthie (Mother of the Groom)